What is the shelf life of Kombucha?

Our shelf life is 6 months. Technically, however, kombucha tea contains natural acids that act as preservatives, so it will never really expire; the taste may gradually change over time as it is a living beverage. If refrigerated, the taste will be better preserved. We like to drink ours within about two months to ensure the best taste.

Does Kombucha contain CAFFEINE? 

While the amount will vary widely, due to the type and quality of tea, the steep time and the fermentation cycle and temperature, a properly fermented kombucha brew contains relatively low amounts of caffeine.

What ingredients do you use?

We use the finest loose leaf Chun Mee Green Tea and Pai Mu Tan White Tea in our brews. Once the first fermentation is complete we flavour with whole fruits which are removed prior to bottling.